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the beauty of nature through a unique lens

"Is there anything to live for besides beauty?"

Charles F. Kennedy

Educator and writer Steve Kennedy received a rare inheritance: the unpublished photographs, essays, and haiku poems, and papers of his late uncle Charles F. Kennedy, well-known New York City naturalist and photographer. The focus of Charles's work was nature in Central Park in New York City. His favorite subjects included the famous nesting Red-tailed Hawks of Manhattan, wild owls of Central Park, butterflies in the live exhibit of the American Museum of Natural History, and others. For the past few years Steve has been editing and bringing Charles's works to publication. To date there are three books available, all from Cerberus Press. The Fish Jumps Out of the Moon: Haiku of Charles F. Kennedy; Pale Male and Family: Essays and Photos by Charles F. Kennedy; Owls of Central Park: Essays and Photography by Charles F. Kennedy.

Steve Kennedy, owner of this site, is a retired public educator and writer whose passions include nature photography, bird watching, and writing haiku. He lives in Colorado. Steve holds degrees from Coe College and the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work.