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the beauty of nature through a unique lens

"Is there anything to live for besides beauty?"

Charles F. Kennedy

Film Trailer

Watch carefully--Charles is the first character we meet!

National Audubon Society

“Extraordinary story”

The New York Time
“A New York love story”

The Humane Society
“Truly inspiring and uplifting”

San Francisco Chronicle

International Wildlife Film Festival
“The triumph of wildlife and the human spirit”
​Boston Herald
"It would be hard to imagine a
better holiday family movie treat!”
The Legend of Pale Male

The Legend of Pale Male is more than an extraordinary piece of New York history. It documents the mysterious power possessed by a single red-tailed hawk to open the eyes and hearts of die-hard city dwellers to the wonders of nature. Join filmmaker Frederic Lilien, whom we meet as a young man from Belgium looking to change his life, on an eighteen-year journey through life, death, birth, hope, and redemption. And it was Charles Kennedy who took Frederic under his wing and helped the young Belgian fledge as a filmmaker.